Browsing through this online catalogue, one can't help but marvel at the versatility and richness of documentary film making in Israel. The number of documentaries produced in Israel each year is unrivalled, and, understandably, Israeli documentaries rank high in many pivotal international film festivals, year after year. It seems that our dynamic, frantic existence, paired with the latest technological advances, fits Israeli film makers perfectly, spawning original, moving, piercing cinema which currently provides very important insight into Israeli society, describing and documenting it, in each and every film, personal and political ones alike. This independent, pertinent film making receives, impressive worldwide recognition but furthermore, is getting growing attention within the Israeli public. We are both happy and proud to note the increasing popularity of documentary events held by our Forum throughout the country. People are making an effort to watch documentaries on the big screen. We feel the growing thirst for more profound materials, for content touching on essential issues pertaining to the society in which we live and its origin. The audience attendance spurs us, and we hope to see it increase in coming years.
In light of current trends in Israeli media as a whole, with a all business-style approach on one hand and suppression of pluralist discourse on the other, the importance of documentary film making in this country is all the more evident.
In this sense, as you may discover, the online catalogue you are viewing is but one more instrument that helps Israeli documentary cinema to reach out, seeking varied audiences and a wider scope of professional exposure in Israel and abroad.
May we always make great films

Best Regards,
Uri Rosenwaks2011-2014
Osnat Trabelsi 2014

The catalog, initiated by the former chairman, Mr. Uri Rosenwaks, is published now, during the term of the current chairman, Ms. Osnat Trabelsi

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